12 Custom Gifts Dog Owners Need

We all love our dogs, that’s a known fact. These gifts are perfect for showing that off. Whether you want a poster of your pup on your wall or a miniature version of him or her, this list has you covered.

These are the 12 best custom gifts we’ve seen!

10. Dog Cookie Cutters


If you make your own dog treats or cookies for yourself, you’re missing out. This is a custom cookie cutter that’s personalized for your dog!

11. Can Koozie


Whether you want to keep your cold drinks cold or your hot drinks hot, you need to do it in style. I am 100% certain these are the coolest koozies I’ve ever seen.

12. Wine Glass Set


Who doesn’t love a glass of wine every now and again? Drinking out of plain glasses is boring. This artist will paint your pup onto a set of wine glasses. She also sells single glasses for $45 and pairs for $80.