12 Custom Gifts Dog Owners Need

We all love our dogs, that’s a known fact. These gifts are perfect for showing that off. Whether you want a poster of your pup on your wall or a miniature version of him or her, this list has you covered.

These are the 12 best custom gifts we’ve seen!

4. Silhouette Canvas


These are awesome. It’s a minimalist silhouette print of your pup and it looks great on any wall! They also have these in poster form which look just as good, but are a little friendlier on the wallet.

5. Stuffed Animal

Cuddle Clones

We all love our dogs, so this is a done deal. These Cuddle Clones are awesome! All you need to do is submit a picture of your dog, choose the ear and tail position and they’ll make your 1 of a kind clone. Oh, and this awesome company also donates a portion of every sale to charity!

6. Doggy Ornament


These ornaments are hilarious. If you think your dog is cute, imagine how much cuter his face would look as an ornament. I know it’s not even close to Christmas, but I’m probably going to get these just to hang around the house. This is one of those items that just makes you happy looking at it.