15 Awesome Beds For Your Dog

Humans spend half of our lives in bed, dogs probably spend just as much if not more. Because of that, a bed is an important purchase! Not only does it have to be comfortable, but you’ll probably want it to look cool too.

These are the 15 coolest beds that are available now!

1. Memory Foam Dog Bed


Would you want to sleep on a hard floor or thing bed? I know I wouldn’t. This bed is top of the line. Not only do they look awesome, they have a memory foam insert and are elevated to let cool air flow underneath. This is the bed your dog deserves!

2. Murphy Bed For Dogs

Murphy’s Paw Design

If you don’t have much room for a dog bed, or just like awesome looking things, this is perfect for you. It’s a Murphy bed, for your dogs! You may have to eat dog food for a while after paying for it, but just look at it, it’s amazing!

3. Hot Dog Bed


I can’t stop laughing at this one. If you have a dachshund, you need to stop what you’re doing and buy this bed! Everyone else with a small dog, you need this too!