15 Awesome Beds For Your Dog

Humans spend half of our lives in bed, dogs probably spend just as much if not more. Because of that, a bed is an important purchase! Not only does it have to be comfortable, but you’ll probably want it to look cool too.

These are the 15 coolest beds that are available now!

7. Barkie Bed

Arni Says

Just look at Barkie. Its a dog bedroom, in a dog’s head. The best thing about this bed is all proceeds go to the Arni Foundation, which helps rescue animals!

8. Bamboo Hammock

Pet Lounge Studio

Who doesn’t love relaxing in a hammock? This is one of those dog beds you don’t have to hide when guests come over. This hammock is made out of bamboo and will support up to 65 lbs.

9. Pilvi Bed

Marlon Shop

This bed is awesome. To start, the bed is called the Pilvi bed, which is Finnish for Cloud and by the looks of it, it feels like laying on a cloud. It also has rope toys attached to the bed, so your dog can play with it whenever he’s not tired. I may get one to sleep in myself!