15 Awesome Beds For Your Dog

Humans spend half of our lives in bed, dogs probably spend just as much if not more. Because of that, a bed is an important purchase! Not only does it have to be comfortable, but you’ll probably want it to look cool too.

These are the 15 coolest beds that are available now!

4. Dog Pod


This is the ultimate in small dog comfort and luxury. This bed is handmade and you can choose the veneer on the legs and on the actual pod. It’s a little under 2 ft tall and 20″ wide, so it’s a perfect for that little dog who likes to empty your pockets.

5. Tuff Bed

K9 Ballistics

Finding a bed for your big dogs is tough. You could use a toddler bed, or get this awesome bed. It’s huge! It has a bolster around it so your dog can rest his big ol’ head on it!

6. Puppy Bunk Beds


Your dogs will have so much room for activities with this bed! Unfortunately it’s just for the small pups, but this bed is awesome!