20 Perfect Gifts For Dog Moms

Here are 20 awesome gifts for that special lady in your life! Any dog mom would love these gifts!

1. Paw Sand Casting Keepsake — $15.85

This casting kit is awesome! Not only does it make a cool keepsake, it’s a fun activity for you and your pup (maybe more fun for you then your pet!). This is a great gift for any dog mom and it’s as easy as putting the paw in the sand and then pouring the plaster mixture in!

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2. Playful Pups Flowers — $59.99

Flowers are a Mother’s Day must have! No matter what kind of flowers you get for the moms in your life I’m sure they’ll love them. But, you can order a bouquet that’s shaped like a pup! What dog mom wouldn’t want this?

3. Pajama Set — $39.99

Mother’s Day is a day to show your appreciation for the moms in your life. It’s also a day for those special women to relax! This is an awesome gift to let all those dog moms wear when they’re relaxing!

4. Custom Stuffed Animal — $249.99

Who wouldn’t want a custom stuffed version of their pet? These Cuddle Clones are awesome and we’re positive any puppy mom would love one!

5. Custom Pet Portrait — $129.99

Regular pictures on the wall just aren’t enough sometimes. If the pet mom’s in your life treat their pup like royalty, then they definitely need this. You can choose one of their templates like “The Pirate” or get a fully custom piece!

6. Custom 3D Printed Pet — $39.99

To go with the other custom gifts, these are awesome! This company will create a custom 3D printed statue of the pet. These are guarenteed to be a hit!

7. Ceramic Coffee Mug — $21.49

Who doesn’t love coffee? I’m sure there are a few people, but they’re few and far between. This mug holds 14 oz and is perfect for any dog mom!

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8. Crazy Dog Lady Print — $14.75

Walls are the perfect place to show your love for your dog or express yourself. That said, I don’t know many dog moms that aren’t crazy dog ladies and proud! This is the perfect gift for those dog moms out there!

9. Custom Cookie Cutters — $12.00 – $22.00

Making homemade dog treats is fun! What’s even better is having a personalized cookie cutter with your pups name on it! This is perfect for the DIY dog moms (or anyone else really!) This shop has a bunch of different breeds or just regular customized dog bones!

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10. Doggy Rubber Wall Hooks Set — $25.49

These hooks are hilarious! They’re made of rubber and you can hang your keys, dog leashes, or anything else on the tails! This is the perfect addition to any dog mom’s home!

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11. Pawprint Frame — $19.99

How cool is this? Every dog mom loves pictures of her pups! On the other side, is a paw print that you make with the mix in the kit. This is a perfect gift!

12. Custom Pet Painting — $115.00 – $875.00

These paintings are amazing! What dog mom wouldn’t want a custom painting commissioned of their puppy? The artist can either do a plain painting or have your puppy doing their favorite activity. You can get any size from 5″ x 7″ up to 18″ x 24″!

13. Dog Breed Wall Clock — $45.00

These are the perfect clocks for dog moms and any other dog lover in your life! There are currently 11 breeds available, but if you contact the artist, she’ll make any breed available!

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14. 3D Dog Breed Mug — $55.00

Here’s another mug for the coffee loving dog mom! They have every dog breed you can think of available! These are all handmade by the artist and they’re awesome!

15. Miniature Crochet Dogs — $19.00 – $165.00

How cute are these? The artist hand makes every one of these mini stuffed animals to order and all the limbs can move! Dog moms love their dogs, and a mini version is awesome!

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16. Call My Mom Dog Tag — $14.99

A lost dog is a dog mom’s worst nightmare! This tag is hilarious and has all the dog’s information on the back!

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17. Puppy Love Charm Bracelet — $128.68

This bracelet is perfect for any dog mom! It’s a sterling silver bracelet with 3 charms that show how much she loves her pup!

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18. Leash and Bracelet Set — $35.00

Friendship bracelets have been around for as long as we can remember. Now you can get the dog moms you know a matching bracelet and collar set! These things are awesome!

19. Custom Puppy Necklace — $79.00-$85.00

How awesome is this? A pendant that is custom made from a picture of your dog? I don’t know any dog mom who wouldn’t love this!

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20. Custom Drink Koozy — $45.00

Hot cups are a pain and regular koozy’s aren’t that pleasing to the eye. This is another awesome custom gift for those dog mom’s out there!

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