20 Perfect Gifts For Dog Moms

Here are 20 awesome gifts for that special lady in your life! Any dog mom would love these gifts!

10. Doggy Rubber Wall Hooks Set — $25.49

These hooks are hilarious! They’re made of rubber and you can hang your keys, dog leashes, or anything else on the tails! This is the perfect addition to any dog mom’s home!

Via Amazon

11. Pawprint Frame — $19.99

How cool is this? Every dog mom loves pictures of her pups! On the other side, is a paw print that you make with the mix in the kit. This is a perfect gift!

12. Custom Pet Painting — $115.00 – $875.00

These paintings are amazing! What dog mom wouldn’t want a custom painting commissioned of their puppy? The artist can either do a plain painting or have your puppy doing their favorite activity. You can get any size from 5″ x 7″ up to 18″ x 24″!