33 Hilarious Dog Shower Thoughts

The shower is a place where it’s just us and our thoughts. Because of that, we tend to think of some ideas that don’t come to us outside of the shower. Well, it turns out we’re not alone. These dog thoughts give some insight to what our pups may think in the shower.

Here are 33 of our favorite dog shower thoughts!

1. If I wasn’t around, my human would end up losing dozens of balls every day.

2. Why do humans harvest our poop?

Everytime I poop my human puts it in a bag. I try to make easier for him by pooping in house but I get called no.

Reddit u/Snailtopus
Image: Lisa Parker

3. Master runs slow because he only uses half of his legs.

4. My human didn’t give me any of his dinner, even though I haven’t eaten in 12 minutes, does he hate me?

5. If master asks “Who is a good boy?” While I’m not around, is it still me?

Does he ask this when I am not around? Is that why he disappears in magic metal box that goes places every day for an eternity? Who is the other good boy? WOOF!

6. Willy Wonka literally built a poison factory, and humans brought their children into it.

Why would they be surprised when something bad happened to them?

Reddit u/dfassna1
Image: Waterbaby

7. Human sleeps on bed, I sleep on floor. But sometimes when human drinks from lots of cans, he sleeps on floor. Maybe if I drink from the cans, I can sleep on bed.

8. I don’t want the ball. Then dad says “Who wants the ball.” Then I realize that I want the ball.

9. How come I can’t bring a stick inside, but my human can bring in a whole tree?

It’s a big smelly tree with toys all over it that I can’t even have

10. The dress looks grey and grey to me.

Reddit u/el_toastradamus
Image: Reddit u/advillious

11. My humans said I am 6 today. I am Suzie, not 6.

Why would we suddenly change a winning formula? I have been Suzie for many years. I don’t know how many. Although 6 seems to get more treats, so maybe I’ll be her for a while.



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