33 Hilarious Dog Shower Thoughts

The shower is a place where it’s just us and our thoughts. Because of that, we tend to think of some ideas that don’t come to us outside of the shower. Well, it turns out we’re not alone. These dog thoughts give some insight to what our pups may think in the shower.

Here are 33 of our favorite dog shower thoughts!

23. My human must be blind. When he is eating a cookie, I place myself in front of him, very close, and still he does not see me.

Also, sometimes on walkies, he obviously cannot see where I am going, because he does not follow me, and often calls me in an upset voice. Should I consider a career as a guide dog?

24. My human must love walks even more than I do! She got really upset when I took a solo walk this morning.

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25. My human is afraid of walking alone so he always attaches me to him with a rope, is this normal?

26. Does Imsosorrythatwasaccidentareyouokayimsosorry mean the same thing as “bad boy?”

Mommy says Imsosorrythatwasaccidentareyouokayimsosorry when she steps on my foot and hurts me. I don’t even know what I did wrong. 🙁

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27. I love this time of year, it’s so beautiful when the leaves change colors to gray, light gray, and dark gray.

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28. Sometimes when human stare at box on wall, I stare too and sometimes I see dog and sometimes hear dog but never smell dog but then dog always gone fast. Who is that dog? Where he went?

29. Now that the shower has peed on me, am I its property?

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30. Why does the one hooman girl want others to stop trying to make fetch happen? I love fetch 🙁

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31. We shake on so many deals, and yet I have nothing to show for it.

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32. Why does my foot always kick me in the face when I’m trying to itch my ear?! I always have to bite it to put it back in its place.

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33. My hooman found a house that gives away hamburgers through a window! He said the Burger King lives there.



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