33 Hilarious Dog Shower Thoughts

The shower is a place where it’s just us and our thoughts. Because of that, we tend to think of some ideas that don’t come to us outside of the shower. Well, it turns out we’re not alone. These dog thoughts give some insight to what our pups may think in the shower.

Here are 33 of our favorite dog shower thoughts!

12. life is like a car ride. Sometimes you go to the vet, sometimes it goes to the park, and you don’t know where you’re going until you get their so just enjoy the ride.

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Image: Nisa Yeh

13. Squirrels are just tennis balls thrown by God.

14. 8 billion humans in the world, and I get the freak who collects my poop in little bags.

15. Human has gotten noticeably smaller since we first met.. He used to be able to pick me up with one hand!

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16. My humans only seem to remember my birthday once every seven years or so.

17. I had to bark at my human for 12 hours before he would come back inside the house, but it worked.

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Image: Primeau Canada

18. Dog tip: If your human tells you to get off the bed, remain as still as possible, that way you become invisible and can stay on bed forever!

19. The fat human suddenly lost a lot of weight and brought a smaller human home. What on earth is going on?

20. Why does it take you 8+ hours to go out and poop when I’m done in 15 minutes?

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Image: Bark Post

21. Why is Trash Can such a good boy? I never see him do ANYTHING and he gets fed treats all day. I’m sick of it.

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Image: Vet Street

22. I always get sick shortly before my humans take me to the vet. Do I have some sort of early warning system?



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